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See you at Deltek ProjectCon 2022

Nashville, TN November 15 – 18, 2022

Lexell Blue is happy to be back, and excited to see you all in person, at Deltek ProjectCon 2022 in Nashville!

Make sure you add our informative Breakout Sessions to your Deltek ProjectCon agenda builder here

CPSPON-01 How to avoid common M&A integration pitfalls when it comes to merging ERP data

Wednesday, Nov 16 10:20 AM – 11:10 AM CST

Learn practical lessons and how to avoid common pain points from our experienced consultants when combining or divesting data due to mergers and acquisitions. We will discuss best practices for reviewing and comparing processes (the acquiring company doesn’t always need to “win”). How to ensure the TSA isn’t lacking in specifics regarding retrobills, Open A/R, Open A/P, and continued use of the legacy software and interfaces until a specific time past the closing date. Preparing reciprocal plans when divesting data (how to close out the data in Costpoint once divested). Planning a detailed integration strategy to provide enough time for the integration knowing the employees have their “day” jobs. Working side by side with change management.

CPSPON-05 Learn Critical Factors in Planning an Effective Costpoint ERP Implementation Project

Thursday, Nov 17 4:30 PM – 5:20 PM CST

Learn practical strategies for planning and executing a Costpoint ERP project. We will discuss practical strategies to include how to: 1) Engage executive level management 2) Effectively utlize internal and external project management resources 3) Develop Project tools to benefit the project team 4) Clearly define roles and responsibilities (empower team) 5) Hold efficient, effective meetings 6) Plan support model to assist support already over tasked teams. 7) Assess Gaps / Future State 8) Establish repeatable processes for test through go-live 9) Define post go-live support model.

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