Lexell Blue

Frequently Asked Questions




1. What is your response time if I contact you from your website?

You can expect an initial response within 48 hours.

2. Do Lexell Blue Consultants have experience extracting data from non-Deltek systems?

Yes, we often extract data from Dynamics, Peoplesoft, Oracle, SAP, Vision, and many other systems even Quickbooks.

3. How many test conversions does Lexell Blue recommend?

We recommend at least two test conversions which should include a fully integrated test. Three test conversions is best as the final test conversion should mimic a dry run of the go-live conversion.

4. Do you work on-site or remotely?

Our preference is to be on-site for the initial kick-off meeting then work remotely to save money on travel costs. We often travel for the live conversion if the client prefers us to be on-site. This is a win for the client as it greatly reduces travel costs.

5. Our database is hosted by a 3rd party – will that be an issue?

Most of the time, the Cloud Hosting services partners work with us and provide us the tools we need to extract, transform and load the data.

6. The data in my legacy system is...well...a mess. Can you help?

Yes, we can work with you to determine what should be left behind, what should be changed as it's brought forward and how to make the data more usable going forward.

7. I think I have a cutover plan that covers all the bases...how do I know for sure?

We can help create or review an existing cutover plan to make sure it covers the key aspects and that the critical path and dependencies are identified. We help you to avoid the common pitfalls and the often forgotten ancillary system(s) dependencies.

8. I have been on Costpoint for several years, I know I am not able to take full advantage of all of the "bells and whistles" due to my pillar structure, can you help?

Yes, we can provide a design review and recommendations for restructuring the pillars (Accounts / Orgs / Projects). We then work with you to plan and execute the restructure.

9. I have the checklist I used for our last version upgrade - can I just use that to upgrade to Costpoint 7?

We can work with you to "upgrade" your checklist to ensure it addresses the changes in the latest version of Costpoint so you don't lose the ability to take advantage of the new features.

10. We are going to be acquiring a company, can you assist?

Yes, we can help from integration acquisition project management all the way through to consolidating the ERP systems between the companies. Contact us today to learn more.